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ECC Agent Manager - Realtime - Group Queued Calls Graph - Callbacks?

June 30, 2010 7:36 PM PDT
IMS Ltd. Systems Admin
Insurance and Membership Service
Apologies in advance for the basic question. Does anyone know if there is a graphical display for outbound callbacks for the supervisor. The "callback" service always appears empty, as it seems that they are only added once an agent is available, and therefore they don't queue like inbound calls do, similarly the "Group Queued OACD Calls Graph" does not seem to show them either.
Is there a graphical display of outbound callbacks or better yet a combined Inbound and Outbound calls queued graphical display available?
The reason is that the Supervisor can see the inbound calls but not the "callbacks" that are waiting as well.
There does seem to be a report (non-graphical) which shows all calls in each service, and the agents Call Manager "Queue monitor" shows all calls, inbound, callbacks etc., also in text form.

Any help finding the correct graphical display in Supervisor Agent Manger would be appreciated.

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