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PCM/Communicator IM status

December 10, 2010 1:28 PM PST
Cody Page
Peterson Sullivan and Co
Prior deploying ST 11.0 and ST Communicator we were using MS Office Communicator with OCS. We kept OCS in place for our Presence/IM engine and deployed ST communicator.

While everything seems to be working correctly, we couldn’t help but notice a lack of IM presence compared to MSOC. ST communicator only seems to relay the following status ‘Online’ ,‘On the phone’, ‘Idle’, and ‘Offline’.

Does anyone know if we have something misconfigured or this is just a limitation? It seems like "In a meeting" data should be sent to OCS.

We do have calendar integration installed on everyone’s workstation. This seems to only control call handling for meeting status, not IM presence.

December 14, 2010 9:49 AM PST
Florin Micle
Hi Cody,

You are correct, the calendar integration only deals with the Call Handling Mode per meeting, not IM.

I'm not sure I understand your other question. ShoreTel Communicator can be configured to display both Telephony and IM presence, either combined or separately (via 2 different icons). The telephony presence is managed by our own TMS server, while the IM presence is retrieved from OCS.

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