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Shoretel and AD integration

February 23, 2011 7:15 AM PST
Chris Watson
Layer 3 Communications LLC
Is the following possible with the newer releases?

 Support X.500/LDAP directory services such as
o E-Directory (Novell).
o Active Directory (Microsoft).
 Enable access control and security at organizational and role-based levels;
 Single Sign-on/Unified Log-in.

They also want to import users via AD.
March 01, 2011 9:44 AM PST
Edna Cook
Communications Resources Incorporated aka CRI
I can send you the Admin Guide chapters that explain AD Integration if you like. What is your email address?
March 01, 2011 12:30 PM PST
Chris Watson
Layer 3 Communications LLC
That's cool, already have that one. Thanks though. I'll look through it again and see if I missed anything. Are there any pitfalls to be aware of when doing an AD integration?
March 01, 2011 1:12 PM PST
Edna Cook
Communications Resources Incorporated aka CRI
Make sure the information in Active Directory is clean and accurate!
March 10, 2011 2:07 PM PST
Troy Kuskie
The RMH Group Inc
There are a few other non-production stopping qirks in version 11
& 12... If you do not assign an Admin account then AD Sync and
Show do NOT work meaning the data related to the user in the
ShoreTel DB is not populated or synchronized with Active Directory.
When doing upgrades you need to make sure you disable AD
integration then turn it back on after. But the biggest annoyance
is that Director and the Converged Conferencing bridge do not use
the actual LDAP "mail" value instead it populates the email fields
with the UPN value. This means if you have a user that has multiple
or differing email address than that of the User Principal Name
then logons etc. become tricky within ShoreTel.
August 19, 2011 7:25 AM PDT
Keith Bromley

On a separate but related note, if you feel the product is missing features/capabilities around AD integration and LDAP, go to, sign up for an account and then enter a request for expanded AD support there. ShoreTel Suggestions is ShoreTel's new feature request portal. Also, the more information you can provide about what you need for this request the better although ShoreTel Suggestions is an open portal just like this one so please don't post anything confidential.

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