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Communicator Startup Wizard Customization

March 18, 2011 1:57 PM PDT
Gordon Eaves
Bomgar Corporation (formerly Network Streaming)
Does anyone know where the parameters are stored for customizing the options available when running the communicator startup wizard when the client is first launched?

It appears ShoreTel doesn't provide documentation for automating the Communicator client configuration.
March 24, 2011 7:51 AM PDT
Gordon Eaves
Bomgar Corporation (formerly Network Streaming)
Our desktop engineer was able to come up with a work around on this to help us out on v11. Hopefully ShoreTel will provide a documented and supported way to automate this for easier deployment of the Communicator client in the future. Meaning it would be excellent to automate the server to connect to, what options to have enabled such as integrating voice mail with Outlook and to start the client at boot. Just those initial config settings would be great to start with so our end users could launch the app and it just works.
March 25, 2011 12:28 PM PDT
Brian Lynch
Thanks Gordon for your feedback... i would also recommend creating an enhancement request via your login to siebel ticket tracking system..
March 27, 2011 6:06 AM PDT
Gordon Eaves
Bomgar Corporation (formerly Network Streaming)
Thanks Brian. I tried to submit the ticket, but I get an access denied message when a log in attempt was made. Is that because I am supported through a partner? If so, is there another option for logging the enhancement request?
March 29, 2011 11:17 AM PDT
Brian Lynch
yes, that is why... it would be best if the partner submitted the ER, but i will forward you feedback to the ShoreTel PM also...

you might check out this post-- sounds very similar to your request....
March 30, 2011 10:21 AM PDT
Florin Micle
Gordon, the Communicator Startup Wizard was not designed to be customizable. If you're still interested, I could list a few registry keys that one could use to ease the initial configuration step a bit, but for the sake of full disclosure, this is neither an official feature, nor supported. There are only a few things that can be done, such as pre-filling the server name box, maybe skip a step or two and pre-select certain integration options. The user would still actually have to go through the wizard and click Next a few times.
March 31, 2011 8:06 AM PDT
Gordon Eaves
Bomgar Corporation (formerly Network Streaming)
Hi Florin. That would be great if you send me that registry key info. We want to do exactly what you described so the end user does not have to make any decisions or remember what to select/enter when opening the Communicator Client for the first time. It's OK if this is not supported as what we are trying to make work is not supported yet anyway, but we have to make it work :-). Our desktop engineer has been able to figure some of the registry key info out on his own already, but not everything is as elegant as he would like it yet. Thanks!
April 01, 2011 1:11 AM PDT
Jeff Roback
Praxis Computing Inc
We'd also be interested in getting that registry key info. We just did an install for a client of 150 notes of Communicator and the windows admins were not at all pleased with the level of interaction they had to have with each desktop. The ideal way to control this is through group policy, which we can do if we know the regisry keys. Ideally we need to be able to 1) Have the install process run unattended (ie not clicking next, rebooting, clicking next, etc...) 2) predefine the server 3) set the username to the windows username 4) preselect the outlook calendar and voicemail integration 5) Block the users from changing #4 after the fact.

At one site they have a custom app that blows up when Outlook integration gets turned on... so when curious users click this, it gets to rebuild their profile.... Group policy is the ideal way to fix this, but at least if there was a registry key it was tied to, we could set permissions on that key to prevent the user from changing it.

In case it helps anyone, we were able to accopmlish #1 with the following script: msiexec /i "\\servername\ShoreTel Communicator.msi" /quiet /log c:\stlog.txt This worked in about 80% of the cases, but failed on a few for reasons we couldn't identify.
April 01, 2011 5:14 PM PDT
Florin Micle
All the registry values below reside under:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Shoreline Teleworks\ShoreWare Client

and are given as Name (Type):

To preset the ShoreTel server name: Server (REG_SZ)
To preset the user name: UserName (REG_SZ)
To preset the "Read my contacts on start-up for dialing" feature (Outlook Contacts Import): LoadOutlookPhoneNumbers (REG_DWORD) 0-unchecked, 1-checked
To preset the "Open my Outlook Contacts when the person calls" : PopOutlookContacts (REG_DWORD) 0-unchecked, 1-checked

"Display my voice messages in my Inbox" is pre-selected by default and cannot be unchecked through a registry script.

Most of the wizard steps cannot be advanced automatically and at the very least the user will still have to click Next. Currently the administrators cannot prevent users from installing the Outlook integration. The Outlook integration options might not be shown if Communicator is installed before Office. I haven't tried this in a few years though...

There are other steps in the startup wizard, such as setting the voicemail password. This steps will only be shown if the user has never setup his or her mailbox before, whether through Communicator or the phone.

Another step allows the user to change the client (Communicator) password; this will also only be displayed the very first time after the user was created. After an upgrade or even a fresh install for an existing user that has been configured before it will not be displayed again, since this setting (just like the voicemail password) is saved on the server.

There are other user settings available on the Options page, which are not being set during the startup wizard. If you think you would like to customize those as well, if you're not happy with our defaults, let me know and I can make a list with them as well.

To address Jeff's concerns above:
1) can be achieved through a silent install, as Jeff described.
2) and 3) can be achieved through the registry keys listed above.
4) cannot be done with the current versions.
5) cannot be done with the current versions.
December 17, 2013 3:58 PM PST
Jeremy Hopf
Applied Discovery Inc
I figure you guys may be interested in this information..

I am currently in process of installing 13.3 for a IP Phone only based deployment. Having some experience with enterprise deployments of software, I was able to lookup the following properties which can be set by command line of the .exe or the .msi or by creating a transform (MST) or editing the msi file.

If you use MAINSERVER or MAINUSER, the install needs to be run in the user credentials because it writes to HKEY_CURRENT_USER, and running as a system/computer account install/GPO will result in the registry entries for the user being written to .DEFAULT, and this software does not seem to honor the .DEFAULT registry key. Additionally, writting the same settings to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE is also not read. (most windows applications will check for most settings in the following locations: HKCU, .DEFAULT, HKLM, and accept the first value they find. (fills out the box in first run wizzard)
MAINUSER=username (I don't use this, unset is the current user)
LAUNCHPROGRAM=1 tells it to start the software at boot (checkbox on wizzard checked by default)
ALLUSERS=1 (default, can also be set to 2 or 0, but I have not tested)

I also have a need to set a user registry of AutoStartSoftPhone=1, but setting this before the first run wizzard seems to be crashing the client.

So far my testing is limited to 13.3 Communicator from the independant download package (not the installer on the HQ server)

You can edit or view the contents of a MSI file with various MSI editors, including the Windows SDK, which contains some tools, that include orca.msi that you can install manually, which you can edit.. beware of the save button, always use save as or generate transform.

You can browse the PROPERTIES table to look for set properties, and other can be found elsewhere which are not set in PROPERTIES. I found most of these by looking in the Registry settings for things with [VARIABLE]

I really don't know why ShoreTel was able to create a proper .MSI file but doesn't have appropriate documentation to go with it. I wonder if the MSI is a new thing?
December 18, 2013 12:21 AM PST
Jeremy Hopf
Applied Discovery Inc
A little update.. I had a false positive on LAUNCHPROGRAM=1, while that doesnt seem to harm anything, it turns out that uninstalling the application does not remove it-self from the run registry key. To get the checkbox to be checked by default, I added a registry key.

Also, it appears setting ALLUSERS=2 may have a benefit for my installation. I only tested it once, but using a USER GPO (not SCCM or anything, just Windows Software GPO) set to run at login, the first attempt appears the uninstall option was only appearing in the program list for the user who installed it.. Setting ALLUSERS=2 seems to have resolved this (users who didnt install it can now see it)

I only tested this once, so your mileage may varry.

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