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Wireless Headset Recommendation/Experiance?

April 06, 2010 5:35 AM PDT
Peter Smith
Brickmill Marketing Services
We have a receptionist that neesd to be able to roam the office and be able to take calls.

I know that Shoretel points us to Plantronics site for headsets, but does anyone have any experiance with a particular wireless model that has worked well?

Also can anyone comment on the pros/cons of using a wireless set that interacts with the phone's speaker vs a set that works with a soft phone?

April 06, 2010 9:47 AM PDT
Greg Gallaway
Access Telcom Inc
We have many users on the plantronics CS70 and CS50/55. Both work quite well. I would get the ring notifier and plug it into the phone. We have only used the Softphone/wireless headset once and had a bad experience. We prefer the physical phone backup plan.
April 06, 2010 11:03 AM PDT
Bud Miedema (gone-ef)
Elgin Community College
Here's another vote for the Plantronics CS55. We have quite a few of them in use and they work very well.
April 06, 2010 11:21 AM PDT
Peter Smith
Brickmill Marketing Services
Thanks Greg & Bud for the quick posts
April 15, 2010 7:34 AM PDT
Peter Smith
Brickmill Marketing Services
We purchased the CS55 and so far it performs well.
The set up was a little painful and the fact that I am in a differant state from the user also added to the pain. So here is some info that helped me but was hard to find in one place.

1. Make sure the CS55 is plugged into the "headset" jack on the phone (vs the handset). The Plantronics instructions, being general in nature, instruct to use the handset jack. (Obvious to some, but not to a user that is just following instructions).

2. Below is some text that a tech passed on to me that I could not find on the knowledgebase.

Beginning with ShoreTel 7.0 the ShoreTel system has supported a new feature that allows a wireless (cordless) headset to be used with the ShoreTel phones without the need for a handset lifter. This "lifter-less" headset support is enabled by selecting "Wireless Headset" as your "Automatic Off-Hook Preference" within Call Manager.

When selected, this option allows the user to simply press the call control "answer" button on their headset's ear-piece to answer (as well as hang up) the ShoreTel phone. Pressing the headset "answer" button signals, via its wireless connection to base station, to instruct the base station to answer the call. The Base Station, in turn, signals the ShoreTel IP phone through the cable connected to the headset port on the IP phone.

Tested and certified wireless headsets and base-stations include the Plantronics CS-50/CS-55/CS-70 and the Voyager 510 Series. (Although any Plantronics cordless base-station that supports the "Plantronics wireless headset lifter protocol" should work).

The ShoreTel "Wireless Headset" feature gives the ShoreTel IP-Phone user the freedom to
answer the call simply by pressing the call control "Answer" button on the headset's ear piece.

But before you can answer your phone you need to know that it is ringing! What if you stepped away from your desk for a moment and can't hear your phone ring? What if there are other phones in the vicinity and you cannot determine if it is your phone that is ringing? This used to be solved by the "ring detector" that came included with the Handset Lifter packages from Plantronics (HL-1, HL-10). But since the lifter is no longer needed there is no ring detector cable!

Plantronics has solved this for us by designing and building a specially-built ShoreTel Ring Detector "pod". This unit is designed to plug directly into your headset's base station and contains a small microphone that is positioned (adhered) near the speaker on the ShoreTel IPPhone.

The ring detector listens for, and detects, when your phone is ringing and then signals to the base station to emit several "beep" tones into your ear via the wireless headset. These tones indicate that your phone is ringing and you can simply press the call control "answer" button to go off-hook and answer the call - where ever you happen to be! (within the range limits of your headset and base station, of course)

- The part number for this Plantronics Ring Detector is # 78887-01
- The specific part is called the "RD-1 Ring Detect POD."
- The RD-1 is available now and orderable through Plantronics dealers

You can enjoy this powerful functionality on any of our newer ShoreTel IP-Phones including the IP-212k, the IP-230, the IP-265, the IP-560 (newer models only), the IP-560g and the new IP-565 color phone. The "Wireless Headset" feature is documented in more detail in the ShoreTel 7.0
Client Release Notes.

May 20, 2010 11:12 AM PDT
Robert Krause
sys4b GmbH formerly Bkom Business Kommunikationssysteme GmbH
Our customers are very happy with GN Netcom (Jabra) GN9350e. These use DECT for the wireless communication, but there are Bluetooth models, too. The "Wireless Headset" feature, as described above, also works well. I'm not aware of a ring detector, though.
August 15, 2011 12:06 PM PDT
Richard Rizzuti
Does anyone have an update re/which headsets are hot at the moment?

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