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Mitel Connect

Nov 08, 2017 08:18 AM PST
Ed Falcon
Novotus, LLC.
I was running iOS 10.3.3, and recently upgraded to 11.1. Doesn't matter, i continue to experience the same issue with the Mitel Connect mobile client.

I login, and am then prompted with
My phone is successfully provisioned and I'm able to access the "Messages" area of the mobile app.
I can "pull down" for refresh, and voicemails are synchronized and accessible.
Hours later, I will access my mobile app and attempt to refresh the "Messages" area or change my Status by tapping the down arrow next to my name and the app will "tell me it has no connection to the server" and will present me with an area where I can supply my creds w/the option to SAVE. This will fail every time.

At this point my only option is to logout and login to the app if I want to successfully access all areas and features.

Anyone else experiencing this issue?


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