Another workgroup question

Sep 12, 2017 05:48 AM PDT
David Lafferty
ARK Systems Inc
I have a customer that wants 19 phones to ring simultaneously when a call comes into the site. So I created a workgroup that has all 19 member in it and logged them in manually. The issue is that they want the calls to be answered by the person at the front desk when they are available. So when the front desk is on a call and another calls rings into the workgroup the front desk phone doesn't ring, all the others do. I have a feeling its supposed to act this way but I need to make sure before I tell them we are going to have to handle this a different way.

Sep 16, 2017 03:16 PM PDT
Doug Smith
Black Box - Norstan Communications
David, You want incoming calls to ring the "Front Desk" first and if the "Front Desk" is busy or no answer after a set number of rings (say 2 rings) it needs to also ring the other 18 members?

You can do this a couple of different methods.

Method #1 (OverFlow) ~Route incoming call to "Front Desk WG" (Operator Extension is only member). ~"Front Desk WG" is set to Busy/No Answer after 2 rings to a different workgroup "Front Desk Overflow WG". (All 19 Extensions including Operator Extension are members)

Method #2 ~Route incoming call to "Front Desk WG" (Operator Extension is only member). ~Program a "Monitor Extension Button" to monitor the "Front Desk WG" (on the other 18 extensions). Make sure when setting up the button set it to ring after 2 rings.

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