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Mobility 9.0.82 Build 117 for Android and presence and Buddies

Mar 18, 2016 12:03 PM PDT
Douglas Becker
Palms Associates LLC
We have just gone live with the ShoreTel Sky service and as the IT person I am the first person to test the mobility app. I have ti installed and provisioned but I am not seeing anywhere that I can access Buddies and there is no presence showing anywhere. In addition, I thought that all the contacts that would show would be corporate contacts, but everything is showing up as personal (this is my personal cell phone). Any idea where I can turn the presence and Buddy list on at?
Jul 25, 2016 02:46 PM PDT
Kirk Sharrow
Moss Audio Corporation dba Moss
Presence and buddy are located under Settings, Preferences, Presence/Messages. verify that your presence ID is correct and Presence is turned on. Your buddies are located in the message tab under Settings (the top 3 lines in the upper left corner), messages. Click the + in the upper right corner next to the header "Messages". There you can select your buddies and create groups from the groups tab. ***if your having issues and not seeing anyone when you select the + tab, then your need to verify your PBX directory in the SMR (located in the UC tab)

If some contacts are present and some are not, then you have some contacts stored as personal in your outlook, they need to be moved to public or professional folder (depends on the version of outlook)

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