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Intermittent One-Way Audio on "partial" PRI

Sep 01, 2017 02:13 PM PDT
Jim Sheahan
Digicorp Inc

I had a very odd issue that "finally" got resolved. We had a UC25 HQ Server from ShoreTel, a ST100DA and a partial PRI from AT&T. The customer complained about one-way intermittent calls (calling party could not be heard, this happened on both incoming and outgoing calls) I worked with their data vendor, ShoreTel TAC, and Tier 2 B-VoIP Engineer from AT&T and after capturing traces, etc. the issue got escalated to AT&T Tier 3. The Tier 3 engineer I worked with indicated they have seen this issue before. They suggested a FULL SPAN (with 23 channels)would resole the issue (which was a little hard to believe) After making the needed changes, the one-way audio issues are gone. AT&T said they reported the issue to ShoreTel a while back and ShoreTel responded by saying the issue is NOT on the ShoreTel side of things. Has anyone else run into any issue that is similar to this ?

NOTE: The AT&T circuit was using a Cisco 4400

Sep 08, 2017 06:00 AM PDT
David Beckles
Regional Business Systems
I have partial PRIs in Barbados from one of our carriers and we do not have this issue for sure.

Sometimes what we see is what looks to me like a misalignment of the channels in the PRI so channel 1 on ShoreTel is not channel 1 on the carrier side.

Is the PRI a pure PRI or a SIP service converted to PRI.
Sep 12, 2017 09:05 AM PDT
Jim Sheahan
Digicorp Inc
Thanks for the response David. We also have other customers with partial PRI's and do not have this issue. The AT&T "partial" PRI is an IP Flex, so it would be SIP with a PRI hand-off.


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