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Predictive Interflow Reporting

Aug 27, 2015 07:10 AM PDT
Jake Girtman
Allcomm Inc
What is the process of generating ECC reports on wait time estimates throughout the day when predictive interflow is implemented?
Sep 22, 2015 02:33 PM PDT
Damian Galindo
Global CTI Group
If the services are setup sequentially in the call flow the wait time estimates would be a sum of the services in the flow. If services have alternate/multiple access paths then this would not be viable.

To maintain Interflows and gather accurate wait times the use of CCIR and custom reporting can be used. I would recommend the Contact Center Transaction Viewer and Transaction Service Bundle to format the CCIR database into a new database that is summarized per call(ECC Cradle to Grave). You will then be able to use a custom report engine to group by service and sum the wait times. You can also use the GUIDs present in the transformed database to link to the CCIR.

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