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Web Callback

Sep 22, 2015 09:08 AM PDT
Kelly Anderson
Network Computing Architects (NCA)
I have a customer that is looking for the list of callbacks that are scheduled in the future (couple hours out). These calls do not show up in the diag console or when running a report looking for o.acd information. On reports it only shows the outbound acd calls that have occurred or waiting in the callback queue. ShoreTel says this information is not available but it seems like this would be important information for a call center. Any ideas how to get this information?

Jan 19, 2016 07:23 AM PST
Mike Bonser
Gas Transportation Company
We would also like to use this feature but without being able to see how many calls are scheduled for call backs. They don't show up in the diag console until the callback actually happens.

What's the point of adding these features into the build if it can't be reported/shown in realtime??

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