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New Customer (Cloud)

Jul 28, 2017 01:00 PM PDT
Daniel Voltmer
Not sure if this post is a waste of time as the majority of these posts seem to have zero responses. As a new customer (coming from an Avaya IP Office system) I have found the following to be true.

- Just because you chat with a support agent, does not mean a ticket will be created for you. I have waited a couple days on a response to find a ticket was not generated after my hour chat with support.
- .MSI packages do not exist in the ShoreTel world. I think most admins would appreciate the introductions of .MSI for deploying and updating the Connect client.
- Unable to hide AA, HG, and users from Company Directory. I just received my response from support and I am amazed that feature does not exist. My users have to scroll through all 400 HGs to find an extension?
- Updating .wav on AAs. The system will not upload a .wav that is named the same as the existing .wav file. (i.e. Recording.wav was modified to include another option or additional wording. I upload Recording.wav and the original Recording.wav stays in place. I have to upload a different named file Recording2.wav, then go back and upload the updated Recording.wav file for it to work.

These are just a few of the major things I have seen (1 week live with new system). There has been plenty of odd activity as well that we are unfortunately working through.
Aug 03, 2017 11:57 AM PDT
Steve Paul
Netsol Technologies
Hi Daniel, We're a fairly new Cloud customer as well and the team does read the forums. Most of my bug/requests here have been implemented into newer builds, so the walls do in fact have eyes with ShoreTel. :)

On your ticket issue- true. I'll usually open a support case first then generally try the chat or phone and refer the agent back to the new opened support case #.

They "hid" the msi installers quite well, but they are there. Unfortunately, it's not always the latest but they do keep them fairly up to date so re-download often. You can find them in the web portal hiding in: Phone System menu, Add-On Features, then "App Integration" tab- you'll find and .msi for corporate push, individual setup.exe and Mac installer there as well. - On hiding users, we've worked around this with the "Favorite" star. It's a pain but you can have a limited list just by putting the Favorite star for those of interest then just use the 'People' tab in the client to have your minimal list only under "Favorites" - you can do similar with groups but Favorites click is the easiest for our users to have just a list of their dial. AA uploads- yes, it's buggy. I've also noticed that some of it is just delay. I've re-uploaded a new WAV with the same filename but it didn't work until the next day or so (some sort of cloud sync issue?) but yes, a couple filename-flip/re-upload seems to force the sync quicker. Even at that, it can take a minute or two before the AA has the new recorded greeting online.

This is apparently a new client for ShoreTel. Coming as an early adopters years ago for the in-house, we had a lot of growing pains from their ShoreTel Connect, to Communicator, etc. etc. They actively fix/add features but now switching to the Cloud Connect client, it feels like the good old days of early, in-house again. We've gotten 8-9 client updates in just a couple months and they are also diligently working on the Android/IoS apps too. New product = some new pain for a bit. :)

Good luck!
Nov 17, 2017 05:59 AM PST
Gwendolyn Bautista
American Chemistry Council
There is a way to hide AAs & HGs. Go to the Visual Call Flow Editor, check box the ext that you want to hide, choose Edit, and in the new window, you can make that extension private. I found this the hard way. Painfully yours, a newbie Shoretel/Mitel Cloud here since late Aug, 2017. Hope this helps.

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