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Mobility WG Caller ID

Aug 07, 2017 08:29 AM PDT
Joe Rysdyk
Moss Audio Corporation dba Moss
I have a Mobility-only user setup (no desk phone) - with them logged into the app as the primary extension, and as that extension as part of a workgroup.  The workgroup calls ring in just fine, except caller ID info displays the extension of the Workgroup.  Is there any way to configure mobility so more information shows up? (example: when a deskphone user is a workgroup member, the workgroup extension AND original callers CID will show up).  
Aug 10, 2017 10:01 AM PDT
Stephen Farish
Advanced Network Systems Inc
Working as design, had a customer ask the same thing a several weeks ago. The only option for showing CID is to use a hunt group instead, but you lose the HG name only seeing the CID. Again that would be as design. Remembering you must be a SMC only user to be part of a WG or HG, cannot use the enhanced mobility option.

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