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Overhead paging with ATAs

May 30, 2017 10:23 AM PDT
Troy Thompson
Parallel Technologies, Inc.
I have a customer that is struggling to keep their paging system online. Shoretel states that the Grandstream HT503 is the ONLY device that they can support overhead paging with. They have a bogen PA amp so we had to install a Valcom 9940 to get it to work with the Grandstream FXS port.

It worked initially but they've continued to have problems with ring no answer, as well as dead air and immediate hangups when dialing the paging extension.

Has anyone had success with overhead paging on the Connect Cloud solution? And if so what paging adapter did you end up using. Did you have to adjust any settings on the Grandstream?
Jun 16, 2017 01:12 PM PDT
David Graham
Probably already working for you but here is my experience:

We have 3 different systems in our 3 different offices. Go figure. Anyway, I have paging working in all offices. To get the paging to work on all systems I had to do the following:

On FXS port set: Loop Current Disconnect - YES Play Busy/Reorder tone before Loop Current - No

One of those was already set that way, but Shoretel support sent me those 2 settings as to what they should be set for.

Many, many thanks to Aria at Shoretel for this one. He is a master with the ATAs
Jul 05, 2017 10:03 AM PDT
Peter Shifrin
Horizon Camps
While it's not supported, we've had great success with a Valcom VIP-204A. Requires a lot of configuration but references an existing shoretel provided ATA and translated the necessary settings.

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