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PLEASE fix Shoretel Connect Installer

Jun 30, 2017 11:57 AM PDT
Scott Chatley
The Shoretel Connect installer is ridiculous garbage.

1. Do an OS check when you install or update - you don't need to try and install the C++ 2015 extensions on Win10Pro - they're already there natively and fail every time because Win10 won't allow them to be installed.

2. Build a real update process that automated. It's incredibly time consuming for an admin to go to every single one of our 16 computers to enter admin passwords every week when you force an update.

3. Just recode STConnect from scratch. It looks like you're using a shell to pull an webpage display much like a lot of apps do - but it's not what you're actually doing. If that's the look you want, then just code it that way. If you just shelled to a website, you'd rarely, if ever, need to update the thing. You could roll updates simply by updating the pagebase behind the app after testing.

4. While I'm on it - why doesn't someone usability test this on a 27" iMac? It's gigantic. The font is at least 2x the size it needs to be and there's no way to make it smaller / less intrusive.


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