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Forwarding Calls to Answering Service During Loss of Service

Oct 04, 2016 07:48 AM PDT
Jodi Arnold
Oats & Marino, Partnership
Our phones are automatically forwarded to our answering service at 5:00 pm each day and on weekends. But, I am unaware of how to do it on demand. We are currently experiencing loss of service and I have no way of forwarding our calls to our answering service. Can someone help? I am currently 20th in line with Support and I need to do something now. Thanks in advance.

Jodi Arnold
Oct 04, 2016 12:27 PM PDT
Don Bernstein
Communique Sales Company Inc
Are you a ST Cloud/Sky customer or onsite ST system? If Cloud and your service is down - if you instance in ST datacenter is down it is not likely you will be able to do anything unl
Mar 02, 2017 05:37 PM PST
Andy Pawlowski
Molnar Funeral Services
Jodi, I've had this discussion with ShoreTel a few times. If the loss of service is due to a ShoreTel issue, chances of an on-demand to the answering service is slim. If this is due to an outage on your side, there is a way to force it, I just can't recall.

I would also argue that if ShoreTel has an outage when you are already forwarding to your answering service, that there is a high chance those calls would actually not be forwarded either.

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