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485G won't complete boot - Clound Connect Customer

Oct 17, 2016 05:14 PM PDT
Ryan Allcorn
Hey Everyone!

I'm new to the ShoreTel platform and I've got a remote user having an issue with their 485G phone. We are an Off Net Cloud Connect client of ShoreTel's. This user has the 485G phone at their house plugged into their consumer-grade router/modem from their ISP. When they power the phone on, the phone display remains at the white background with the ShoreTel logo. They have their computer daisy chained off the phone and internet access is passed through the phone w/o issue. The user is using the provided PoE injector and Ethernet cables. The 485G was shipped directly from ShoreTel and is brand new out of the box.

Any ideas as to why the phone won't finish booting and remains on the white screen with "ShoreTel" and the ShoreTel logo? The user states that their network has not be reconfigured by them. The phone is connecting over the public internet and there is no VPN connection back to our central office. I'm thinking that ports are blocked but I don't recall consumer grade routers blocking outbound ports for SIP/IP telephony.

Thanks in advance!

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