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SDK Failing

Feb 24, 2017 09:23 AM PST
Jared Wood
Max E Bangerter
Hi, in the last 2 weeks we are having problems with the SDK API, normally we used this API to transfer calls between extensions, now the problem is that this SDK is failing on transfer on 3 of 5 times that is call. Our hardware had 2 Shoretel servers one into different location and with a dedicated Channel between each other. The logs in the SDK indicates that the call we are trying to transfer doesn't exist but the call is there, and the register in the database also confirms that the server has the information updated.

There is some way that i can look into the server and look for an issue that i couldn't find. The logs in the windows event logs don't show any problem with network or any other issue.

Please, any help it will be great.
Mar 20, 2017 03:56 AM PDT
Sooriya Prabhu (c)

As per the SDK support process, please post your SDK support questions in the ShoreTel developer news group to get further progress or engage them on paid hourly basis.
If you are a member of the ShoreTel Innovation Network you should have access to ShoreTel's developer newsgroup.



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