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Alcatel Message Waiting

Mar 01, 2017 09:36 AM PST
Chris Bloomfield
Comstar Technologies LLC
Has anyone ever integrated with an Alcatel? Yes? That's good, so have we. But the BIG problem is message waiting. We have MWI working on a legacy Nortel phones from ShoreTel Voicemail, but it doesnt work on a Alcatel phone using ShoreTel voicemail. Therefore we were hoping for a miracle response. We confirmed that ShoreTel tries and does send the notification, but the Alcatel doesnt know what to do with this. So what exactly does ShoreTel send so we can try to tweak the Alcatel to receive and not reject? (btw, AVST voicemail has an Alcatel integration and they trigger the MWI on Alcatel phones, so it is possible). Thanks, we will buy you dinner for 2 of your choice restaurant if you can help us here!

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