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ShoreTel Connect Instant Messaging for Mobile and Desktop

Apr 13, 2017 09:28 AM PDT
Joseph Emad
Something that we are having trouble with is the chat that is saved on the cloud. This data builds up and is causing performance drops in both the desktop application and mobile application because it tries to load in messages from first use.

If you could provide us a way to delete instant messages for our users that would be very beneficial to our end users. I believe there is an option for archiving chat but that serves no purpose if you can't clear out the chat data.

If there is in fact a way that I can do this please let me know. I have already tried to remove the data files that are created in the local appdata folder with no success because the files are just recreated automatically when you log back in since all the data is stored on a cloud server. Also tried to disable chat and then re-enable it with no success as well.

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