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Scheduled Call Back priority

May 10, 2016 11:00 AM PDT
Marc Gere
1) If a customer schedules a call back ( keys in time) and the system calls them back at the scheduled time how does that call back fit into the call process, do callbacks get priority because the scheduled callbacks don't hold any place in queue, correct?? I can only presume when the scheduled time comes up in the system waits until an agent is open reserves that open agent and connects agent to callback recipient???
2) So if I have a customer that didn't choose a scheduled callback and waits in queue for 10min and a scheduled callback time hits, the scheduled callback would be answered before the customer who has been waiting for ten minutes, correct??
3) Is there a way for me to give the customer in queue priority over scheduled callbacks?? Or maybe not connect the callback to agent until queue wait is less then 60 secs??
May 23, 2016 02:03 AM PDT
Keith Murphy
Phone Pulse Ltd
Hi Marc, The best way I have found to do this is to create a new group called "{group-name}-outbound" and have all abandoned and scheduled callbacks set to go this this service. Add all the same agents into this group and configure the Agents individual Queue Handling to Group List Order. Make sure the "{group-name}-outbound" group is at a lower priority than the existing groups.

Regards, Keith

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