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ShoreTel (OnPremise) Integration with JobDiva (Cloud)

Jul 27, 2016 04:27 AM PDT
Raviprakash Mishra
Intelliswift - HQ

We have ShoreTel (OnPremise) in our company working well.

We want to Integrate JobDiva to ShoreTel (OnPremise). That means when an individual actions CALL from JobDiva, Call Start Data time should be captured and ShoreTel (OnPremise) phone should do the calling and disconnection of phone should sent End Call Date Time Data to JobDiva.

We have communicated with JobDiva, but they are giving us solution of integration with ShoreTel (Sky), whereas we have ShoreTel (OnPremise) here in our company.

Can anyone help on this topic? We want to acheive this integration in any manner. We are happy with ShoreTel (OnPremise) and do not want to opt for ShoreTel (Sky).

intelliswift INC

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