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Purpose of (Re-)registration info in ST 10+

Aug 11, 2010 02:23 AM PDT
Michael Hirota
Evolve Technologies
What is the purpose of the registration info solicited after upgrades to ShoreTel versions 10 and later? How does the info get used, esp. since ShoreTel tends to have this type of info on file already. (E.g., the customer address info, and then the primary and secondary contacts?) We're looking for a little guidance so we have a better idea of how to advise our clients on submitting that form.

It would probably also be good to use different phrasing; the 'register and request system key' gives the customer the idea that they really do need another system key.

Aug 11, 2010 04:15 AM PDT
Amanda Fagan
NB Test and Measurement
The registration info also reports back your build number and a list of your shoregear serial numbers and licenses.

From what I understand there was a problem with a particular build back a couple years ago, and ShoreTel tried to contact everyone who was on that build and couldn't because they had no way of knowing who (if anyone) had upgraded to it. They included switches so if there was a problem with a particular switch model (or batch) they could contact everyone.

The licenses on the other hand are purely for license compliance ($$$)

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