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ECC Upgrade 5.1 (502.5.4105.0) to 6 (503.3.8302.0)

Aug 09, 2010 10:55 PM PDT
Brian Larmor
Oakland Community College
When reading the build notes for CC6, it says that all agents and clients MUST be upgraded.

Yet in CC5, they released the ability of: 'Allow clients of version other than the server's to connect'
Release Notes CC 5.1 (502.5.4105.0) Page 9
(CC Director > System > Misc.)

We just upgraded from 4.66.05 to 5.1 a few weeks ago and informed our IT staff and CC Agents that we would not need to force an upgrade to all agents/clients at the same time again because of this new feature.

Has anyone tested this 'feature'?
Can a 5.1 (502.5.4105.0) Agent or Client connect to a 6.0 (503.3.8302.0) server?
Aug 10, 2010 04:57 AM PDT
Brian Larmor
Oakland Community College
My original plan of action was to install the 5.1 (502.5.8303.0) over top of the 5.1 (502.5.4105.0) release, but now I'll just skip straight to 6.0.

After reading this reply and the release notes for the latest 5.1 release as well as 6.0, I guess we will have to force the client side upgrade. It's a logistical nightmare in some cases, and would have been nice if this feature would allow us to upgrade the server over night, and then tackle the agents as we can get to them the following day while still allowing basic call functions from older agent and client installations to work.

I'll promptly disable this feature on our system since it does not work as I was lead to believe.

I always keep the agents and clients to the same version as the server, but having the ability to 'flex' the installation was just too good to be true.

Thanks for your reply.

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