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Problem getting a Netgear GSM7328s to recognise Layer2Tagging=1 option

Nov 17, 2010 07:27 PM PST
Keith Kenifick
Prodec Networks Ltd
I've been having some fun trying to get a NetGear GSM7328s switch to recongnise the Layer2Tagging option.

Firstly, I don't think this is a ShoreTel issue more a cnfiguration issue on the NetGear!

I've set up the DHCP scope on the data vlan with option 156, to tell the phone to boot up in the voice VLAN. When I plug the phone in, it picks up a data VLAN IP address, then reconfigures the network settings and reboots supposedly into the voice VLAN. It just sits there waiting for a DHCP address! If I manually set the phone with a voice IP address on the voice VLAN, set tagging as enabled and manually set the vlan, the phone can't find the FTP server.

I've configured on the NetGear the ability for Subnet based VLAN assignment, where if I manually set the IP addess to the Voice VLAN, it automatically puts the phone in the correct VLAN, but I don't really want to set the addresses manually.

Annoyingly, to get the network setup work in a Cisco switch is a 10 second job, but unfortunately, I'm stuck with these peskey NetGears!

Has anyone got any configuaration tips for getting a GSM7328 switch working with a ShoreTel, apart from use something else!!??


Jan 03, 2011 07:41 PM PST
Jason Larson ( gone-partner)
Global CTI Group
Did you setup an ip helper address on the voice vlan?

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