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Instant Messaging and ShoreTel

Oct 22, 2010 05:59 AM PDT
Brad Fledderjohn
Premises Systems Inc
Has anyone been able to get ShoreTel to integrate with another Instant Messaging product besides the ShoreTel Conference Bridge or Microsoft OCS?
Nov 09, 2010 06:53 PM PST
Amanda Fagan
NB Test and Measurement
The Agito product (that ShoreTel just acquired) has native XMPP integration (which is what Openfire and many other IM systems use). I suspect it's only a matter of time before native XMPP support comes to Call Manager... er I mean 'Communicator'
Nov 09, 2010 07:21 PM PST
David Eshelman
Teavana Corporation
ya just xmpp would be great... so many options with that.
Nov 09, 2010 09:23 PM PST
David Eshelman
Teavana Corporation
I'd love to see integration with something like openfire

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