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Challenge meeting ASA's for small queue set ups

Sep 06, 2011 11:39 PM PDT
Terri James
I am reaching out to other companies that have small queues set up by lines of business with specific metrics to meet. I have 4 queues, and while I try to have specific agents for training purpose in each one, I still of course have the overflow and cross training. The number of calls that go into each of these queues varies from 80 to 400 calls per day. My challenge is meeting a :30 asa in each queue. Before I had one Member queue, and one Provider queue, much easier to manage, and higher volume of calls. Setting the Member queue as the priority. Does anyone have similiar problems, or suggestions of how to achieve metrics for small queues. Our total average calls daily is around 680-750, total for all lines of business.

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