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Ports used by Shoretel systems

Dec 14, 2011 04:32 AM PST
Karen Reams
Millstream Area Credit Union
A client recently had a new Shoretel system put in place.

We have VOIP traffic going across a 1.5Mbps line to a branch with 6 phones. We need to set up QoS between the routers on this connection. They are Cisco 1921 routers.

One way we believe we can do it is to priorotize the traffic by port used across this line.

Is there a listing of the ports used on Shoretel systems? I found one on the internet but it is from 2006. Not sure if it still applies.
Dec 18, 2011 11:04 PM PST
Adam Robinson
Industrial Air Centers Inc

Is your T1 configured for trust? If so, your queueing on your circuit should be able to take care of it without worrying about ports, as long as you don't have any intermediary devices stripping the packet tags off. Most of the default weighted queues offered by providers will prioritize VOIP traffic before anything else. Under your call control options, you can set the DiffServ to 184 (DSCP ef). The traffic will pass through properly at that point.

It's important to note that for voicemail across a WAN, etc., I believe ShoreTel is still not marking the traffic as voice, which means you may run into quality issues there. It's possible they've changed that in the most recent versions.

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