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Emergency mode of call center

Dec 11, 2010 09:33 PM PST
Keith Budurka
Benco Dental Company
This is probably only valuable to call centers with one location, but for us it's something we've been missing since moving from Nortel Symposium to ShoreTel ECC.

It's business hours, and our safety committee decides we need to test our evacuation plan. They pull the fire alarm. Call center agents must evacuate building. Some forget to log out, or are not near their desks when the alarm is pulled.

Nortel solution:
All scripts had a quick check at the start of them that looked for a specific agent ID to be logged in. If it was logged in, it meant the call center was in emergency mode. If that was the situation, we would either go to a voicemail or play a message and than hangup - depending on the departments requests.

Right now we have a created an SQL table, and in the mandatory event of all services, we check the database for a flag. The flag gets set by dialing an extension and entering a password.
If the flag is set, call center is in emergency mode, so follow the needs of the department (voicemail or message, than hangup).

Issue with ShoreTel solution is handling callers in queue.
Since we only check the database during the mandatory event, we don't handle the people in queue in a friendly way. I have asked some questions about this and hear there is a limited number of database dips that can occurr concurrently. So it was highly suggested we not do the database dips during other events in the service, although this would solve my problem by keeping a caller in queue only as long as I play MOH before playing another message.

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