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Call back info for use in database dip on agent prompt to callback

Jan 18, 2011 05:20 PM PST
Ryan Dyla (gone-partner)
Global CTI Group
Hi -

I am using a simple script that usually ends with collecting callback info. After the user submits their callback request, my agents are prompted to call the person back. They see a pop-up window that has the phone number, and 2 unknown fields that say Customer name and Customer number. I'd like to run a query based on the number input as the callback number to retreive a customer number and customer name - so the agents can see who they are calling.

Any idea on what the system stores the callback info as when it finishes the call control script? i.e. can I run a database dip with SELECT intCustId, strCustName from tblCustomers WHERE strPhoneNum1 = '%call_back_destination%' or something similar?

Any feedback would be appreciated. :)



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