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Wrap-Up Code Per Call Stored?

Feb 04, 2011 01:03 AM PST
Gino Capito
I've bumped this by several TAC people but wondered if the community has run into this... The issue - Customer has an outbound dial list campaign for collecting debts with consumers. After an agent completes the call a Wrap-Up code is entered to record the results of that call (Rejected Payment Terms, Deceased, Moved, Will Pay, etc.). The customer needs to run a script at the end of the day to grab all the wrap up codes for the calls on a particular account and write the results back to their CRM Database so the next day's SQL query for a new dial list refresh won't grab certain records with certain result codes.

According to ShoreTel sources, the Wrap-Up Codes are not stored in the DB (CCIR or otherwise) 'per call', but rather tallied by agent x, on day y, at time z only for reporting purposes. TAC had a programmatic theory of a workaround, but very involved and not for sure it would work smoothly.

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