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Ingate Siperator issue

Jul 27, 2012 04:50 AM PDT
Claude Griener
Metro 25
I just recently purchased an Ingate Siperator so I could integrate some sip trunks in my existing Shoretel system.

Currently we are running version 9.1 and I have 2 existing PRI's with 48 Trunks along with a Talkument to record the calls on the PRI Trunks.

The reason why I went with the SIP Trunks is because I needed to get a large quanity of remote call forward numbers, and was able to get the cost down from $5 per number through Vonage to around $1 per number using Broadvox.

By going with the SIP trunks, I would loose the call recording from MY PRI, but I was willing to let that go due to the fact I would be saving several hundred dollars on my remote call forward numbers.

At first I went in DNIS and simply created a route point on each SIP number so it would transfer over to a DID number on my PRI. That worked ok, but I had issues pressing digits on my phone when I went into the auto-attendant menu's on my shoretel system.

I then went back in DNIS and changed the routing on the SIP numbers to go into my auto-attendant menu, and then to my work groups and thats where I started to run into issues...

A) When the call goes into the work group, sometimes its immediatly disconnected when an agent picks it out of the work group.

B) When an Agent does successfully pick the call out of the workgroup, we sometimes get no audio.

C) If the call is not ansewered in the workgroup, it gets transfered to an off-site call center using a trunk to trunk transfer. The call connects on a trunk to trunk transfer, but I get no audio.

D) If I successfully pick a call out of the workgroup, and try to manually do a conference call or a blind transfer, the display on the shoretel phone will say the operation is not permitted.

Any ideas?

Claude Greiner
Aug 02, 2012 10:58 PM PDT
Brian Lynch
ShoreTel, Inc.
i appears like you have a configuration problem on the ingate with the SIP provider or ShoreTel, that the refer is not being handled correctly.. I would recommend calling support or your partner to assist you...

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