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Polycom SoundStation IP7000 no longer work with ShoreTel

Sep 22, 2013 10:33 PM PDT
Dean Waters
Rentrak Branded Entertainment

Once ShoreTel stopped making readily available the ShoreTel IP8000 phone, we knew we'd need a viable alternative. We settled on the Polycom SoundStation IP7000 as a replacement device. We bought one and it worked great. Now we just bought another one and it won't register with the ShoreTel. The only real difference with the new Polycom and the old one is the software load on the device. We've reached out to Polycom for assistance. Try as they might, they can't make it work either. Nor can they get the old Polycom software for us to load to see if that's the real problem or not (it's just too old).

Net-net is it appears to us (and to Polycom) that Polycom SoundStations with a software load that isn't ancient will not work with ShoreTel. There's a ShoreTel App Note (TPP-10011) from April, 2010 that speaks to integrating Polycom SoundStations to ShoreTel SIP. The instructions worked for the old Polycom. They don't work for the new Polycom.

Are others using Polycom SoundStations in their environments? And if so, what problems have you run into getting them to work with ShoreTel?

Thanks in advance
Dean Waters
Sep 22, 2013 10:57 PM PDT
Dean Waters
Rentrak Branded Entertainment
Well that was quick...... Been screwing with this all day. 5
minutes after my post, I figured it out: Within the Polycom
Soundstation setup(s), there is the usual 'Authentication User ID'
& 'Authentication Password'. This is the extension and SIP
password (standard stuff here). There's ALSO an 'Address' field. In
the old Polycom software, this can be anything you want. In my
example, my old Polycom as the word 'address' entered in the
'Address' field - and it works just fine. Under any of the newer
software loads, the 'Address' field MUST ALSO be the extension. The
ShoreTel Polycom App Note was written under the old software load
and doesn't specify that this field must be the extension. Under
the newer software, that's a critical step. At least I'm now just a
teeny bit wiser than when I woke up this morning..... Dean
Sep 26, 2013 05:32 AM PDT
Steve Weinstock
ShoreTel, Inc.
Hi Dean, Sorry for your troubles. The app note referenced is oder and one that we look to refresh soon. We'll leverage the info you provided and if there are more learnings please pass them on to
Nov 01, 2013 05:05 AM PDT
Kevin Lowenstein
City of Mountain View
The ShoreTel App Note (TPP-10011)refers to adding a custom SIP profile to optimize functionality. It shows the SIP Profiles under the 'Call Control' section in Director.

I am on a newer build (12.3 and do not see SIP Profiles under Call Control. Does this step need to be completed to create a custom SIP Profile for 'CaomdasysB2BUA'? If so where shouls it be added?

(I see SIP profiles under Trunks and under SIP Servers but neither place seems correct and I don't see the standard SIP profiles in either location such as '_System'.

Any help or clarification would be appreciated.
Jan 22, 2014 03:49 AM PST
Richard Lucht
Nebraska Books

I have other Polycom phones and their latest Video conferencing systems on my Shoretel system. I have a IP 7000 that I can't seem to get it to register. what did you have to do to get your 7000 to work?

Apr 27, 2014 10:38 PM PDT
Bobby Flynn
Telba Mitte
I know this is old but, I gotta try,

@Kevin- it's under IP Phones

@Shoretel- is the documentation correct, when it says that the SIP Profile should have 'ComdasysB2BUA' for the User Agent? Because these IP7000's are using the System SIP Profile.

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