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Outlook Call Handling Mode - Too Good For Itself

Mar 30, 2011 04:45 AM PDT
Troy Kuskie
The RMH Group Inc
ShoreTel Communicator users with the Outlook Calendar call handling mode need the ability to set a 'Delay Timer' for this fantastic component. The problem is that when the add-on fires the users call handling mode immediately goes into a 'meeting' mode thus sending incoming calls to voicemail. Understanding this works exceptionally well and they way it was designed. The real trouble becomes apparent if you are expecting a call for this particular meeting and it does not come in. Simply because the component did what it was designed to do at the time specified. We all have had those late start meetings and we can expect more in the futre where not everyone or every meeting starts exactly on-time. This add-on is too good for its own self. The proposal would allow a 'Fuzz' factor to be set giving the add-on an XX amount of time (say 5 minutes) to fire after the actual calendar event occurs therefore granting late start meetings an additional amount of time to actually use the phone or give users who are not paying attention a few more minutes to accept an incoming call without realizing the phone is in a 'meeting' mode.

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