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Call disconecting with Work Groups and Hunt Groups with SIP

Aug 29, 2011 07:18 PM PDT
Randy Blencowe
The Blencowe Group Inc
I have an installation where calls that are sent to a WG or HG get disconnected if they get transferred to a cell phone. Example: have ahunt group with 2 members. A call comes in and it goes the stack full or no answer extension. That extension is forwarded to the persons cell phone. We get dead air during the transfer and the call connects for 30 seconds then disconnects. We are using the Separator. We talked to Ingate and they did a trap and said after transfer and connect connected, the Ingate did a INVITE but Shortel never sent a OK and then disconnected the call. Our SIP provider is Windstream/Nuvox. They are not Shoretel Certified but are certified with Ingate. Both myself and Ingate are stumped. Any help would be appreciated.

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