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Mobility 4.8 Calibration and wifi to cell handoff issues

May 18, 2012 02:09 AM PDT
Eric Houser
Parallel Technologies, Inc.
I have mobility 4.8 installed and testing with iphone and android clients. The issue I am having is the fact there is no calibration client for these phones and need to rely on the 'default' setting for the enterprise for handoff based on packet loss and db levels and do not get the benefit of having true route points or fingerprints. I have a wifi network setup with only myself attached but unfortunately one which is not the supported manufactures such as Cisco. I use a wifi strength app on the phone to get an idea of the strength for what I would want my route points to be and enter these into the default and enterprise settings. The problem comes when I take a call inside the building, walk out the door, get inmy vehicle drive away and get a very LONG distance away and the call has since become completely bad and finally the call switches over. How exactly does the 'system' know the call needs to be switched over? does the phone send data to the router and the router send the phone a message to do a handover? I am unsure

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