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SIP Trunks

Mar 15, 2012 08:39 PM PDT
David Anstee
First Connections Limited
I currently have a ShoreTel deployment of about 30 phones, and looking to integrate this into our UC platform which is based around a Cisco VCS in the core.

I am trying to figure out the best way to route calls to the SIP trunk that I have created between ShoreTel and VCS.

ShoreTel --> Trunk Group with Access Code 4 --> PrePend in Trunk Group with 4 --> Cisco VCS. This will route a call to 4731 from ShoreTel to a device registered as 4731 on VCS fine. However I also have other dial plans all terminating to the VCS.

I have for example the following Dial Plans access codes on the VCS:

The only prefixes on the ShoreTel are 7XX (internal) and 9X Trunk Access to PRI.

All other prefixes I wish to forward onto the Cisco VCS but transformed.

At the moment I have tested the concept using Access Group 4 to Trunk to VCS and prepend 4 back in again. But when I try to create another Trunk Group with Access Code 3 and exactly the same settings all is fine, except when I try to create an Individual SIP trunk to point to same IP address (the Cisco VCS) ShoreTel director doesnt allow this?

I would also prefer to have 1 Trunk Group that could service all Access Codes rather than having to split them out?

What is the best way to acheive this?

Mar 18, 2012 06:02 PM PDT
Brian Lynch
ShoreTel, Inc.

have tried adding the extensions in 'off-system' extensions in the trunk-group? this way you won't have to use a TAC to access the SIP trunk. But, it sounds like you have 3 digits on the ShoreTel side and 4 digit extensions on Cisco.. if that is the case you might add digit translations to insert the leading digit.

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