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ACD Calls While Already On a Non-ACD Call

Jul 22, 2012 06:06 PM PDT
Andy Fish
Hoosier Hills Credit Union

Is there a way to prevent ACD calls from ringing in to agents who are already on a Non-ACD call? Sometimes callers call a Rep's extension and then during the call that same Rep gets one of the ACD calls and they have to miss it.

Any ideas?
Aug 06, 2012 02:40 AM PDT
Aaron McDermott
Operational Systems Pty Ltd
Hi Andy,

Have you looked at the call stack for the Agents? If you had a call stack of 1 then they aren't available for another call to be presented to them. My understanding is that ECC knows about the calls that are being handled within ECC, but not the calls that get presented to them prior to ECC, as in the case of extension to extension calls, or a call on a DID that goes to them directly.

On one system I've had to configure agent queue's for each users indial number and also direct their users to call them via their agent queue IRN instead of directly so that all of the calls were accurately captured for ECC reporting, but also in part to overcome the issue you've described.

I hope that gives a little food for thought or some direction to look in.



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