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Please sort comments in Shoretel TAC Service Requests by SAME time zone

Jun 28, 2012 11:45 PM PDT
Rob Bush
EJ USA Inc aka East Jordan Iron Works - HQ
Seriously, this has been going on forever and I've been complaining about this forever. PLEASE sort your comments on the service requests by the SAME time zone (or at the least, add the time zone information to the date/time stamp!)

I just entered in a reply to a comment that a tech entered in on my latest service request. My comment now shows up BEFORE his comment because my comment was entered in in PST time zone, while the tech's comment was entered in in CST time zone. This makes it SOOO confusing when we all go back to look through a service request and try to track the history of a ticket.

I spoke to a tech about this and I have the low-down on what is happening. All user comments are posted in PST time-zone, regardless of where you are coming from, because the Shoretel Support servers are located in PST time zone. Shoretel TAC operators are all over the country and their comments are posted in the time zone they reside in (probably because they actually sign in to a system in which it has time zone info stored for them.)

Pick a time zone for your date/time stamps and stick with it so the comments are shown on the screen correctly.
Jul 01, 2012 07:29 PM PDT
Chad Pearson
ShoreTel, Inc.
Hi Rob. I added the time zone identifier to the SR detail page. And now I'm taking a look through a random sample of service requests under your name, I didn't see one that had comments out of order. Do you have the ID of a problematic one I can check out for you?

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