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Connection with 3rd party Intercom

Mar 04, 2013 02:39 AM PST
Matt Derrick
Jerseyville East Elementary
Trying to setup a trunk connection with a telecor xl intercom system. We have installed the trunk port on the telecor and I can hook up a phone and pick up the phone and dial a paging group for the intercom. I have created a trunk group in my shoreware system with a access code of 822. setup the trunk as loop start. When I dial 822 on a extension I get dial tone even though the telecor system does not provide dial tone. Also no digits are passed. With a standard phone hooked up to the telecor I can pick up the phone, no dialtone, and dial 0* and do a all call across the school. How do I setup the shoregear to handle this type of outgoing connection.
Jul 07, 2015 07:45 AM PDT
Chris Bloomfield
Comstar Technologies LLC
instead, try using 822 as an Off System Extension within the loop start trunk group for paging. This will seize the page right away, then after a second then dial your 0* (you may need to edit "trunk group dialing rules ;1I;1G ). Please let me know if you ever resolved this and let me know what you did for our future reference. Thanks

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