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Communicator - ECC login failure (communication lost?)

Nov 07, 2013 02:18 AM PST
Troy S. Choi
Alameda County Superior Court
Hello all,

I have few PCs on my network that seems having trouble with its Communicator connecting to ECC server.
If same agent login is attempted from different PC - on the same VLAN - they work fine.
So, it appears to me it is most likely an issue on the client PC side causing this.

My questions are;

1. On the PC with Communicator running, what are the Windows process(es), syslog/eventlog, TCP/UDP ports that are being used for communication with ECC server?

2. What would be the process to follow to troubleshoot and resolve this issue?

Many thanks in Adv.
Dec 06, 2013 04:17 AM PST
Damian Galindo
Global CTI Group
You can reference the ECC Planning Guide for information on the TCP/UDP ports and processes being used by the ECC agent.

Make sure the PC's meet or exceed the system requirements for the Toolbar. Check the PC configuration from IP setting to agent login information. Monitor the system resources while running the agent. When an issue occurs review client and Windows logs.

Contact your ShoreTel Partner for further assistance and escalation.

I hope this helps.
Jan 14, 2014 04:42 AM PST
Troy S. Choi
Alameda County Superior Court
Thanks for your reply Damian,

I was able to locate following information from Installation Guide.

2.7 Reserved Ports
The following ports need to be reserved for Contact Center use:
' 31452 - Used for general communication in the Contact Center system.
' 31458 and 31459 - Used by Contact Center Director.
' 4306 - If you are using the redundancy server system, any firewall in the network
should not block communication to this port for MySQL.
' 31453 and 31454 - If you are using the redundancy server system, and the primary
and secondary servers reside at different sites, the network should be configured to
allow traffic on these ports.

Though, I am still unclear on what process to look for or what steps to follow to troubleshoot the ECC connectivity problem for certain Communicator clients.

Any other thoughts?


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