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iPhone cuts into RA call on wifi when cell call comes in

Jun 27, 2013 02:11 AM PDT
Jeremy West
Matrix Networks aka Matrix Communications Corporation
When there is an ongoing RoamAnywhere call over wifi on an iPhone and a new cell call comes in (not through RoamAnywhere client) the RA call gets immediately cut off, there is dead air for about 5 seconds, and then hold music is played. This all happens while the iPhone user is being displayed the option to accept the incoming call or not. This still happens when the call is declined and then the iPhone user must go back into the App to pick up the call. The RA caller hears the call get cut off and because of the long dead silence, thinks the call was dropped and hangs up before hold music is called or the iPhone user can get back to them.
Is there any way around this? Any fix? Anyone else experiencing this?
We have this happening on our internal system and customer systems.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Jul 04, 2013 12:21 AM PDT
New Victor
Ntegrator Pte Ltd
Hi, we got the same issue when deploying the iPhone RA as mentioned, you got that moment of 'silence' (it is meant for the iPhone user to take actions on the incoming Cellular call).
ShoreTel PS informed us that the issue is on the iPhone (even on the newer Mobility release, the issue is not resolve), and not much can be done at ShoreTel side. Using Android RA, you do not faced the same issue.

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