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HQ IP address Changing, What to change on ECC Server

Aug 01, 2013 01:45 AM PDT
Candace Bergman
DataComm Networks
I am getting ready to relocate an HQ server, however there is an ECC server that will not be relocated at the same time.

Therefore I will need to change the HQ IP address on the ECC server.

I have been reviewing the KB, as I have not been to involved with ECC and don't want to make any collosal errors.

However, I am coming up pretty dry on what I feel is the correct steps.

So my thought is this. Please elaborate, change, agree or disagree

Stop all services. Uninstall DVS software.

Reinstall DVS software using new HQ ip address when prompted.

Reboot ECC server.

Check Director to ensure ECC/DVS is online.


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