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Panasonic KX-TGP500 SIP DECT cordless phone

Aug 14, 2013 12:42 AM PDT
AJ Kenth
Miniature Precision Components aka MPC - HQ
Has anyone set one of these up on ShoreTel? That admin manual is a giant blob of information with no clear instructions. I have it on the network, on the correct VLAN, and can access the web admin, but I'm having a lot of difficulty configuring SIP.

Global Address Detection
Detection Method STUN *SIP
Detection Interval '0' second(s) [10-65535, 0: Disable]

STUN Server
STUN Server Address ''
STUN Server Port '3478' [1-65535]

SIP Setting
SIP User Agent 'Panasonic_{MODEL}/{fwver} ({mac})'

Transport Protocol for SIP
Transport Protocol *UDP TCP

Phone Number
Phone Number '3710'
Line ID ''

SIP Server
Registrar Server Address '(ip address of my SG90)'
Registrar Server Port '5060' [1-65535]
Proxy Server Address ''
Proxy Server Port '5060' [1-65535]
Presence Server Address ''
Presence Server Port '5060' [1-65535]

Outbound Proxy Server
Outbound Proxy Server Address ''
Outbound Proxy Server Port '5060' [1-65535]

SIP Service Domain
Service Domain ''

SIP Source Port
Source Port '5060' [1024-49151]

SIP Authentication
Authentication ID '3710'
Authentication Password '**********'

Enable DNS SRV lookup Yes *No
SRV lookup Prefix for UDP '_sip._udp.'
SRV lookup Prefix for TCP '_sip._tcp.'

Timer Settings
T1 Timer '500' milliseconds
T2 Timer '4' seconds
INVITE Retry Count '6'
Non-INVITE Retry Count '10'

Quality of Service (QoS)
SIP Packet QoS (DSCP) 'Best Effor(default)(000 000)'

SIP extensions
Supports 100rel (RFC 3262) Yes *No
Supports Session Timer (RFC 4028) '600' seconds [60-65535, 0: Disable]

Keep Alive
Keep Alive Interval '0' seconds [10-300, 0: Disable]

Enable SSAF (SIP Source Address Filter) Yes *No

RTP Settings
RTP Packet Time '20' milliseconds
Minimum RTP Port Number '16000' [1024-59598: Even Number Only]
Maximum RTP Port Number '20000' [1424-59998: Even Number Only]

Quality of Service (QoS)
RTP Packet QoS (DSCP) 'Best Effor(default)(000 000)'

Statistical Information
RTCP Interval '0' seconds [5-65535, 0: Disable]

Jitter Buffer
Maximum Delay '20' [3-50]
Minimum Delay '2' [1-2]
Initial Delay '2' [1-7]

DTMF Type *Outband Inband
Telephone-event Payload Type '101' [96-127]

Call Hold
Supports RFC 2543 (c= *Yes No

CODEC Settings
Third CODEC 'G726-32'
Fourth CODEC 'G729A'
Fifth CODEC 'G722'

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
Dec 09, 2014 12:57 AM PST
Ryan Dyla
Cal Net Technology
Did you get your Panasonic phones connected? I've got a bunch of this exact model running on my network. You only need to configure the VoIP/SIP section of the phone's web admin, and ensure you put a SIP password on the user on the ShoreTel director side. Let me know if you need any help.

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