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ShoreTel COM Control - WavePlay and WaveRecord

Aug 16, 2013 02:32 AM PDT
John P. Burke
The Hartz Mountain Corporation

I am using the ShoreTel COM control to try to make a call and play a recorded message. Emergency Notification type stuff...

I have the com control working sufficiently to where I can test some of the WaveRecord and WavePlay calls.

I would like to wait to start playing the recording. Normally, this is a wait for silence setting where you are waiting for the person or answering machine on the other end to finish their greeting.

It looks like the only way to accomplish this is via the WaveRecordStartEx2 call that allows you to pass some silence related parameters and then query the silence in a subsequent call or raised event.

Anyway, I think I can do it except that I am getting a cwrNoWaveDevice response when calling both WavePlayStart and WaveRecordStartEx2.

Does anyone know where I can look on how to resolve this issue?


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