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Tie-Trunk Interoperability - ShoreTel to/from Axxess (Inter-Tel/Mitel)

Oct 23, 2013 01:51 AM PDT
Mike Carpick
Command Alkon HQ
We are in process of converting from a 20 year old Inter-Tel Axxess System (now Mitel)to ShoreTel. As implementation proceeds we have tied the two systems together so that the ShoreTel functions can be tested and confirmed before we formally cut over.

Although the two systems are talking to each other, neither is very happy with the arrangement.

Axxess side: Made a PRI T1 CO Trunk Group. Also pointed a dedicated DID to that trunk group.

ShoreTel side: Made a Tie-Trunk connection to the Axxess.

If I dial the Axxess DID I do connect to the ShoreTel's Auto-Attendant, after about 16 seconds of 'dead' air.

If I want to dial out from the ShoreTel side I can dial '9' to get ShoreTel System Dial Tone, but then I have to dial almost any number (1-9) '#' to get the Axxess' outside dial tone before I can dial an outside number.

I'd like to do both more transparently.

Any have a clue as to how?

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