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ShoreTel Dock and IP420g

Nov 24, 2013 11:12 PM PST
Elliot Mace
Solar Communications Ltd
Dear Santa,

Loving my ShoreTel dock on the desk at home, thank you for that. I was using my Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad and was looking for a USB port on the dock to plug it into so that I could keep it charged (along with anything else I might want to charge using USB) - I couldn't find one! Missed a trick I think, can you get USB port(s) put on the next version?

IP420 - great new addition to the range, if only there was a gigabit version! I think you missed the boat a little on this one as the IP420 is a great all round phone. If a customer requires gigabit then we've got to go to IP230g or IP480g which are both a very big step up in price and make us less competitive.

These are the only two things I want for Christmas please!


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