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Acknowledge key press while in queue and in music stream (not in script)

Apr 04, 2014 05:55 AM PDT
Keith Budurka
Benco Dental Company
I am having a hard time finding if this is possible. I think I might just be having trouble with the key words to search for this.

We have a call center manager who wants their callers to hit a number at any time while in queue, and get transferred to voicemail.

So our first announcement might say all of our agents are helping other customers, please hold, or at any time press 1 to leave a voicemail.

I usually run the music stream in between scripts at 30-45 seconds. I can't seem to figure out how to acknowledge a key press during music.

Any one? or even suggest some search terms so I might find some better info on this.
Apr 03, 2014 06:40 PM PDT
Damian Galindo
Global CTI Group
A key press can only be detected during a menu or digit entry script object. Some key words would be DTMF detection while in MOH. Can a DTMF entry take affect if entered in MOH then to script that has a menu that does not clear DTMF?

Most IVR prompts will state in the announce to press 1 NOW to leave a VM. If no entry they are placed back in queue.
Apr 03, 2014 07:28 PM PDT
Keith Budurka
Benco Dental Company
Thank you for the response. This got me thinking... I've seen the 'play music stream' option in the palette. It has DTMF properties. I wonder if I can create a script playing the on hold music while listening for a key press? and loop the script every 1 second, or leave the last option as waiting for key press?
Do you know if the call would transfer to agent in the middle of a script being played if the agent is available?
Apr 03, 2014 08:33 PM PDT
Damian Galindo
Global CTI Group
I was thinking the same thing and do not know the answers to your question. I would have to build it and run a test.
Apr 07, 2014 04:38 AM PDT
Open Office
Communications Resources Incorporated aka CRI
We had a customer with the same request. They combined the music with the announcement within their .wav file so the menu would play the announcement, then the music would come on as part of the same .wav. They never utilized the 'music stream' in ECC.

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