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Call handling box to stay open when transferring calls

Feb 18, 2014 09:02 PM PST
Adrian Crossing
Hoodsweeney Technology

We've had a request from our internal staff who transfer a lot of calls to have the call handling box stay open when transfering calls.

I'll give you an scenario:

Reception takes a call, for person X.
They click transfer, type in person X's name and initiate a consulted transfer to person X.
Person X isn't available or doesn't want to take the call and they need to forward them to voice mail.
Reception then have to advise the caller that Person X isn't available and they will be transferred to their VM.
Reception have to click transfer, re type in person X's name and this time click to mailbox.

In this process they need to search and select Person X's extension twice. If the search window stayed up the whole time the wouldn't need to search twice.


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