SHORETEL IS NOW PART OF MITEL. See how powering connections in the cloud is now brilliantly simple. Call Center Adapter Issue

Mar 31, 2014 02:18 AM PDT
Gurucharan G
Blue Harp Technologies Pvt Ltd
1. While receiving calls from a registered phone in,
the Salesforce adapter is pre-fixing 1 to the phone number and
hence no search matches in This prefix needs to be
done away with for the soft phone to search records in salesforce
and returns matches [Both in ShoreTel Communicator and Phone,
Caller ID is coming perfectly. Only in Salesforce adapter it is
prefixing 1. Current architecture is PRI E1 is not connected to
ShoreTel directly. In Nortel system PRI is connected. Nortel and
Shoretel is connected via E1 connection. In Director we are unable
to find any prefix in the trunk group.] 2. Missed calls are not
being registered in call center adapter. Both in
phone and communicator missed calls are getting stored. Only in
adapter it is not happening. 3. The inbound calls coming from
external numbers reflect as out bound calls if we transfer them
internally to another Salesforce adapter agent in Reports. Customer
wants this to be reported as inbound call and transferred call to
be assigned call to the user. 4. Internal extension calls should
not reflect in the reporting. There is no Contact Center installed
as of now. Calls will come from outside directly to extension. Pls
share your thoughts on this issues....

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